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Win The Scallywag’s Swag At Treasure Bingo

Friday, May. 25th 2018 4:29 AM

Treasure Bingo is owned and operated by Mandalay Media, which is the same company behind other big brands including Costa Bingo, Rio Bingo and Wish Bingo to name but a few. Some of their brands operate as standalone sites, but the pesky pirates liked the idea of being part of a larger network as this gives them access to bigger and better promotions such as Scallywag’s Swag.

This exciting new addition to the Treasure Bingo line-up is an ongoing promotion. It is made up of a series of five special 75-ball bingo games, taking place every hour, on the hour each Friday night from 7pm onwards. What makes them so special is that if you have funded your account during the previous six days, you can take part for free.

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Springtime In Paris With City Bingo

Friday, Apr. 6th 2018 4:00 AM

The City Bingo cat is fed up of our miserable British weather, so has headed over to France for a weakened break, He is going to be spending his time admiring the blooming flowers in the Champs-Élysées before heading up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to take in the breath-taking views. He wants to give his lucky roomies the chance to share the experience with him.

To this end, City Bingo has lined up a fantastic Springtime in Paris promotion for you to enjoy. The game is taking place in a few weeks time so you have plenty of time to get involved, and one lucky winner and a guest will find themselves enjoying a relaxing day out in Paris, where hopefully, the weather is a bit nicer than it is here right now!

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Get A Pizza The Action At City Bingo

Friday, Feb. 16th 2018 4:56 AM

Valentine’s Day may be over and done with for another year, but the City Bingo cat is still feeling loved up. This led to him hopping on a plane and heading to Rome for a few days, where he intends to chill out with some of the most romantic kitties he can find whilst over-indulging in some fine cuisine. He hates to think of his roomies missing out, so has left behind a Pizza the Action game for them to enjoy.

They say that when you are in Rome, you should do as the Romans do, so whilst the City Bingo boss is enjoying a slice of pizza or two, you could be doing the same. This special 90-ball bingo game is all set to take place at 9pm on Wednesday 28th February, so you have ample time to log in to your account and pick up your cards in the hope of winning a prize or two.

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Winter Fun At Treasure Bingo

Sunday, Nov. 26th 2017 4:16 AM

The Treasure Bingo pirates don’t have a bad life really. Yes, they do spend a lot of time at sea, plundering any passing ships, but when they are off duty, they get to chill out and relax on some of the most gorgeous tropical islands. The rest of us are not that lucky sadly, and before too long we’ll have the snow to deal with, but don’t get too down about it, as their latest promotion comes packed full of prizes that are designed to help us get through it.

Treasure Bingo‘s 90-ball Winter Fun game is setting sail on Thursday 7th December at 10pm. You can get onboard using your computer, smartphone or tablet device, meaning you can join in the fun regardless of whether you are sitting in your favourite arm chair at home or relaxing with a friend over a few drinks down the pub.

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A Little Less Conversation At Sing Bingo

Tuesday, Nov. 21st 2017 4:28 AM

Modern smartphones are great, and these days, the last thing anyone seems to use them for is making a call! You can now access the internet, play your music play list, catch up on the latest movies and even access your favourite bingo site, all from the palm of your hand. If you are struggling to keep your tech up to date, make your way over to Sing Bingo and check out their ‘A Little Less Conversation’ promotion.

This exciting new 75-ball game from Sing Bingo is taking place at 9pm on Wednesday 29th November, so you have plenty of time to get involved. You can take part online on your computer or by using your existing smartphone or tablet device thanks to their impressive mobile bingo software platform.

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