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Do The #Meccarena At Mecca Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 2nd 2018 7:16 AM

Over the years we have seen quite a few great adverts from various bingo sites, some have been real head turners too. Mecca Bingo are the latest to turn out a commercial that had us looking back at the screen in the advert break! The reason was simple – it wasn’t because it was a bingo advert, because on hearing it you wouldn’t know, it was because it featured a famous party dance tune – the Macarena.

However, Mecca Bingo have renamed the tune to Meccarena and the song parodied to suit the commercial. It’s fun, it gets the message across and currently, it’s a personal favourite in the online bingo advert stakes.

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Seven Days, Seven New Events At Mecca Bingo

Sunday, Sep. 24th 2017 7:35 AM

We’re fast approaching the end of the month, and Mecca Bingo have been hosting seven different events daily. Today sees the start of the last week of this special promotion so we thought we’d give you the full run down of just some of what’s happening at the site between now and the end of the month in their Daily Specials.

In amongst these Daily Specials At Mecca Bingo you will find the chance to win more cash prizes, free tickets and even a dash of free bingo. Get your diaries out and try to make yourself available to take full advantage between no and 30th September.

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£10 Free For All At Mecca Bingo

Tuesday, Sep. 5th 2017 4:07 PM

On Saturday 2nd September the X Factor 2017 auditions started to air on ITV and this means we are now on the countdown to Christmas! A £10 bingo bonus isn’t going to fill those stockings but Mecca Bingo want to celebrate the return of the popular talent shown by giving away just that, a £10 bingo bonus. Better still, this offer is open to EVERYONE. It’s not restricted to new players, if you’re a regular at the site, you can claim your tenner too.

It’s really easy to claim the bonus too. Mecca Bingo aren’t asking that you jump through a whole plethora of hoops or sell your right kidney to meet a minimum spend required to receive it. All they need from you is that you login to your account (or create one) and grab your freebie.

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Mecca Bingo Introduce Linka-Balls

Thursday, Aug. 3rd 2017 7:05 AM

We’re used to seeing Playtech brands launch themed games and we have seen many over the years. Popular slots have taken on a bingo feel and quiz shows from television have been given the treatment as well as some of the soaps. Today we’re looking at the latest addition to Mecca Bingo, Linka-balls and we think it has a Connect 4 type feel to it.

Linka-balls at Mecca Bingo is a normal 90 ball game in how you win one line, two lines and the full house, BUT, it has six other chances to win too. It’s in these chances the Connect 4 reference becomes clear because it’s all about, as the name suggests, linking balls.

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Movie Month At Mecca Bingo

Friday, Jul. 14th 2017 4:46 AM

Mecca Bingo have established themselves as one of the

July is Movie Month at Mecca Bingo, and they are celebrating everything the big screen has to offer with a range of exciting new promotions. The first of these is their Winning Ticket but you’ll need to be quick if you want to qualify as you only have until Sunday. Before you do anything, you must first opt in by entering the code ‘TICKET1’ in the bonus section of your account page.

Once you have done this, you will start earning free cards for the five Winning Ticket finale games on Tuesday 18th July. Cards are being awarded no matter which Mecca Bingo room you play in, but you will earn more in Emoji Bingo, and you have the chance to win experience vouchers, TV boxes and cinema tickets.

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