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Tickets With No Wagering From Treasure Bingo

Saturday, Jun. 30th 2018 7:13 AM

Over the last couple of weeks there has been quite the change happening at some of the most popular sites online. These sites are operated by Jet Media, or you might know them as Mandalay Media sites – brands like Treasure Bingo for example. Gone are the cash match bonuses and no deposit offers that were once prevalent at sites run by this company. Instead, new players are now offered bingo tickets as a bonus on the first, second and third deposits.

The changes started taking place around 20th June and by 28th, all the sites from the group had dropped their original bonuses in favour of the new deal. Treasure Bingo is one of those brands and we are using that as the example today to show you want the new offer is.

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£5 Free Bingo Offers Withdrawn

Thursday, Feb. 16th 2017 7:02 AM

There is one group/network of sites that have always been well-known for offering a no deposit required welcome bonus for their newbies, those that site under the Mandalay Media / Intertain hat. However, on Monday we saw a number of those sites drop the £5 free bingo offers and opt just to have a cash match bonus on your initial deposit.

We suspect that this change could be because they company are looking to collate some date on how much impact the £5 free bingo offer has on the player journey. They have only removed the offer from a handful of their sites and it remains at quite a few others. With a new tax on free bets expected in August of this year, it’s no surprise that they want to measure how the removal will affect registrations and FTD’s.

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Sing Bingo And Other Brands Halve No Deposit Offer

Thursday, Sep. 8th 2016 7:03 AM

When it comes to free play bonuses for new players, the Mandalay Media / Intertain suite of sites is probably one of the most prolific with the no deposit required bonuses. However, a recent visit to a couple of the brands from this group revealed that there have been some substantial changes to the welcome packages offered to the new players.

Our first port of call was Sing Bingo, one of the original sites launched by this company, and it was here that we noted not only had the free play bonus been slashed in half from £10 to just £5, there was a marked decrease in the cash match bonus too.

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Bingola Launches With Big Free Jackpots

Wednesday, Sep. 3rd 2014 7:47 AM

The latest site from the Mandalay Media camp has launched this week and Bingola is welcoming players with some big welcome bonuses and some even bigger free bingo jackpots! If a no-deposit bonus and whopping great match bonus isn’t enough for you then two free jackpots weekly with a maximum combined £15,000 on offer might be right up your street!

The Mandalay Media brand is known for sites such as Costa Bingo but the company has seen massive expansion this year with the launch of several new brands including Rio Bingo, Angry Bingo, now Bingola and others too. Although the platform offers some networked rooms and games, each site has its own unique standalone room and promotions and games unique to the site.

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Angry Bingo Launches With £5 Free

Thursday, Jul. 17th 2014 7:44 AM

We’ve heard some names for new bingo sites but Angry Bingo has to be one of the oddest ones yet. The site has an Angry Birds type theme, which goes some way to explaining the odd name. Once you’re past the name it’s pretty good bingo from the Mandalay Media camp with a mixture of networked bingo rooms, standalone chat rooms, free bingo and big jackpots.

There really isn’t much to make you angry here at Angry Bingo, in fact the schedule should have you smiling with no fewer than 5 free bingo rooms, a weekly £10,000 free game for depositing players and a fiver free before you even make a deposit!

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