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New Promotional Schedule At Elf Bingo

Sunday, Jun. 10th 2018 7:38 AM

It was a few weeks ago now that Elf Bingo had a makeover and introduced the new Jumpman Gaming software to the world of online bingo. We’ve looked at one of the new features at the site, Trophies, already but there are also a number of new promotions that have been launched to complement some of the popular offers.

Although the site offered a VIP scheme before, the new one introduces Kudos to the mix. The VIP levels remain the same (Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Black) and there is still the chance to earn free spins, cashback and birthday bonuses in the scheme at Elf Bingo.

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Trophies At Elf Bingo

Sunday, May. 20th 2018 7:41 AM

Elf Bingo and a number of other sites on the 15 Network recently underwent an unpgrade on the software used to power their products. This upgrade vastly improved the gaming experience for the end user but sadly, there continues to be very few players in the rooms. Is this because they havent yet realised that there has been an improvement on what is offered?

As part of the upgrade we’ve also seen the introduction of a feature called Trophies at Elf Bingo and the other sites that were upgraded. Trophies are rewards that you are given for completing specific tasks when playing at the site. They help increase your loyalty level and earn you extra spins on the Mega Wheel which in turn gives you the chance to win more free spins or Amazon vouchers.

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15 Network Introduce The Mega Wheel

Thursday, Oct. 5th 2017 7:43 AM
CMA15 Network
Mega Wheel

Jumpman Gaming have recently made quite significant changes to their welcome offer for new players across the 15 Network. This might look great on the home pages of all the sites that now boast the Mega Wheel, but how does it all add up for the players?

Basically the Mega Wheel works in the same way as the wheel on the Wheel Of Slots Network and it feels very much like they are trying to move away from bingo entirely. The rewards on the wheel are no bingo related, in fact the only bonus you will get is free spins or an Amazon voucher. Previously the offer was a 200% cash match bingo bonus.

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Lucky Wheel Bingo Magician

Sunday, Mar. 27th 2016 7:13 AM

Lucky Wheel Bingo opened to players in February 2016, the 6th brand to opt for the Wheel of Slots Network. We’ve yet to compile a full review of the brand and the reason is simple, the Wheel of Slots Network appears to be more slots focused than bingo. However, with that said, we have been pretty impressed with this brand but not because of their bingo offering, not even because of the slots that they offer – simply because of their magician!

Usually, when a new brand launches the aesthetics of the site are just that, the way the site looks. Unless you’re an operator like Cashcade and have money to throw at great branding like they did with Foxy Bingo, this often falls to the wayside.

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Wheel Of Slots Network Launches

Thursday, Jun. 18th 2015 7:30 AM

When it comes to all things new in the world of online bingo it is often new skins launching that we talk about, new brands that launch on an already established network that only differ to other sites by the décor adorning their home page. However today we are bringing you news of a new NETWORK and with it come four new bingo sites too. The name of the network is Wheel of Slots…

Before you get too excited about the potential of something new and exciting in the world of online bingo, reign the adrenaline levels back in because actually, the new Wheel Of Slots network (WSN) does not really create a buzz when it comes down to it.

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