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Soap Spectacular At Gala Bingo

Friday, Aug. 17th 2018 9:57 AM

At the end of July a new promotion got underway at Gala Bingo, a promo called Soap Spectacular. As we have come to expect from this well-known brand who have links with Emmerdale and Coronation Street, it’s all about the themed games that the site hosts. Prizes include cash and the chance to win ‘Behind The Scenes’ tours at both soaps.

In order to get involved in this special offer from Gala Bingo you have to play in the Corrie and Emmerdale rooms to earn free tickets for the weekly special Soap Spectacular games. Two weeks of the promotion have passed, and for the third week you have just today and tomorrow to play.

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Corrie Star Moonlights As Bingo Caller

Wednesday, Jul. 15th 2015 7:09 AM

Antony Cotton who plays Sean Tully in ITV’s Coronation Street has revealed that he works as a bingo caller when he’s not playing his role in the show. Bingo callers have always been known as a flamboyant lot so maybe it should come as no surprise that it would appeal to the actor type, and that’s exactly how Antony Cotton explains it!

As he says, it supports his income, but mainly an audience is an audience and he says he loves what he does whether it’s in front of the cameras, in a theatre or in a bingo hall.

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#WhoTheFoxThat – New Look For Foxy Bingo

Monday, Jan. 5th 2015 5:41 PM

Over the years we have seen many a brand get a new look, a lick of virtual paint to try and spruce themselves up to look smarter against the competition. For the most part we’re not usually impressed – often the homepage has undergone a change but when you login to play, these areas are often overlooked. This is not the case with Foxy Bingo, the swish new look has been carried through the whole site and we are suitably impressed. Throw in great PR with the #WhoTheFoxThat campaign and the site is proving what a great marketing team they have.

However, it is not just the website or the mobile apps that have been slapped with a bit of virtual paint – the loveable mascot of Foxy Bingo has a new suit too.

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Coronation Street Goodie Bags From ITV Bingo

Tuesday, Jul. 27th 2010 8:21 AM

As you would expect from a site named ITV Bingo there is a theme running through the bingo rooms at this site. You can play in a number of rooms named after either your favourite ITV soap or one of the reality shows that air throughout the year on their station. Promotions also take on a similar theme and currently there are Coronation Street goodie bags from ITV Bingo as prizes.

Every night at 8pm between now and 27th August there is a free game playing at ITV Bingo and the winner of this game will be taking home one of the goodie bags crammed full of Coronation Street branded merchandise.

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