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Betfred Bingo Sports A New Look

Tuesday, Dec. 5th 2017 7:42 AM

When it comes to any homepage for any brand, it’s the chance to make a good first impression. In the world of online bingo there are a number of sites who haven’t always done a good job in that department and for us, Betfred Bingo was one site that always lacked a little something in that area.

Not any more though! A recent visit to Betfred Bingo revealed that they have had a makeover. Currently this has not been rolled out to the casino or sports areas of the site, but the bingo section is now sleeker, easier on the eye and far easier to navigate than it was. A vast improvement all round.

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Viking Bingo Free Birthday Game

Thursday, Jun. 9th 2016 7:34 AM

When a bingo site celebrates a birthday it is often the case that we as players get to enjoy a slice of the birthday cake too. Ok, so it’s only a virtual cake but this means that the only pounds you are likely to put on are monetary ones! This is certainly true of the celebrations taking place for Viking Bingo‘s birthday because they are offering a free jackpot game with a £1,000 prize pool!

Viking Bingo announced the game recently and it is set to play on their 1st birthday, 10th June, at 8pm. If you’re a registered member you can claim 96 free tickets now, and if you aren’t yet registered with this site, maybe now is the time to consider signing up with them.

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