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Free Games From Chit Chat Bingo

Friday, Jan. 5th 2018 4:03 AM

January can be a bit of a depressing month, as not only are you coming down from the excitement of the festive season, but you are also having to watch every penny you spend until pay day comes around again. This does not mean you have to miss out on your favourite pastime, because if you make your way over to Chit Chat Bingo, you’ll find a wealth of free bingo games.

As soon as you register for an account at Chit Chat Bingo, you’ll be able to access their Daily Doozey room. All newbies can use this room for three days, with games running between 7am and 10pm each day. Games start every twenty minutes, with bingo bonus prizes of up to £5 just waiting to be won.

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A Catch Up With The Bingo Godz

Tuesday, Dec. 26th 2017 7:17 AM

When Bingo Godz first launched in August 2013 there was a lot of expectation of the site because it was a new platform, the first seen for quite some time. Sadly the site failed to grab the attention of the players and within a short while, had been sold to European Domain Management.

Gaming Realms, the creator of Bingo Godz, attributed the sale to wanting to focus on other brands like Spin Genie. Since the sale, we’ve not really given the site much thought but today, we’ve head on over to catch up with what’s happening at the site and to take a look at their promotional schedule.

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Easter Eggscape At Rio Bingo

Friday, Apr. 7th 2017 4:02 AM

Now that Summer is on the way, you will have to start thinking about your holidays. Do you stay in the UK and head to one of our traditional seaside resorts for donkey rides and fish and chips on the beach? or do you hop on a plane and jet off somewhere a little more exotic. No matter which one you prefer, you should make sure you check out the Easter Eggscape promotion from Rio Bingo first.

This sun-soaked new promotion from Rio Bingo is running until Friday 14th April, where it will end in a 75-ball Easter Eggscape game. If you are lucky enough to win this game you’ll pick up £500 worth of Thomas Cook holiday vouchers, which should be more than enough to fund a relaxing break, or you can take £500 cash if you prefer.

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Love From London With Rio Bingo

Friday, Feb. 10th 2017 5:54 AM

Rio is all well and good if you are looking for a carnival, but if you fancy a romantic weekend away a little closer to home, then you can’t really beat our own capital City. There is so much to see and do, and so many different cultures to enjoy. Rio Bingo agrees, and this was the reasoning behind their latest ‘Love from London’ promotion.

This special Rio Bingo game is taking place on Monday night and the lucky winner and a guest will find themselves heading to London for a two-night stay at the luxurious Park Grand Kensington Hotel. No trip to London is complete without a little shopping, so they are also throwing in a £300 Harrods gift card. If none of this takes your fancy, you can take £800 cash instead.

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Beat The Blues At Rio Bingo

Friday, Jan. 6th 2017 4:05 AM

After all the running around over the past few weeks, you are no doubt feeling a little worse for wear. Add to this the fact that you must head back to work and the weather getting worse by the day, and January can be a real miserable month. Rio Bingo hates to think about their roomies sitting at home in the cold, so are giving you the chance to Beat the Blues with a little help from their latest prize promotion.

Rio Bingo‘s 75 ball Beat the Blues game is playing at 9pm on Tuesday 17th January, so there is plenty of time to get your suitcase packed. The lucky winner will walk away with £500 worth of Thomas Cook travel vouchers, which is more than enough to fund a sun-soaked getaway. If this does not take your fancy, you can always opt to take £500 cash instead, and that’s sure to come in handy during the January Sales.

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