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The Chasers Star In Gala Bingo Adverts

Thursday, Dec. 1st 2016 7:47 AM

When it comes to themed bingo games, Gala Bingo has scored quite a few big names for their portfolio over the years. The site boasts Coronation Street Bingo and Emmerdale Bingo and we’ve seen stars from both soaps appear in commercials for the brands. The most recent addition to the site has been The Chase Bingo and now The Chasers, the quiz muscle of the TV show, are the stars of the latest advert from this well-known brand.

The Governess, Ann Hegerty and The Dark Destroyer, Shaun Wallace, both star in individual adverts for Gala Bingo and we’re sure for fans of the show, they will certainly hold some appeal.

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Bingo Godz Advert And £5 Free

Sunday, Sep. 22nd 2013 7:55 AM

Although we haven’t yet seen the Bingo Godz advert on the small screen it’s soon to air and having watched it on YouTube, it’s certainly different to all of the other bingo adverts we have seen over the years. There’s not a bingo ball, laptop or woman in sight so the marketing team for this brand have definitely not been following the usual storyboard for this type of advertising.

The advert begins with a man stepping out of a corner shop and then looking up at the sky as the clouds swirl and look thunderous. At this point the voice of Brian Blessed booms out telling the audience of how the Bingo Godz have been waiting eons for their time to strike.

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New Tombola Bingo Advert Hits Our Screens

Wednesday, Jul. 10th 2013 7:30 AM

It only seems a few weeks ago that Tombola were running a very special promotion giving players the chance to be part of their new advertising campaign. The winners were chosen, and now the brand new advert has now aired for the first time.

The advert launches with the claim that Tombola Bingo are Britain’s biggest bingo site, we don’t doubt it, it’s one of the most vibrant sites on the Internet, with completely exclusive software so it’s understandable why so many players choose to play there.

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Foxy Bingo Free Jackpot Winners

Tuesday, Feb. 28th 2012 8:40 AM

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand over the last couple of weeks or simply don’t watch any television then the chances are you will be well aware that online bingo site Foxy Bingo is currently giving away £100,000 for free each and every Friday. Friday 17th and Friday 24th both boasted tremendous jackpots and there is one more game to play in the latest epic promotion this Friday, 2nd March.

What of the previous winners in this Foxy Bingo promotion though? Were the two £100,000 jackpots won by single winners or were they shared? Well we can tell you the first game saw just one winner, fudgefacexx, and the last game saw two winners share the jackpot, carter1uk and moosmaw – will this week have your name listed on the winner’s page?

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It’s Friday, It’s Foxy And It’s Free!

Friday, Feb. 17th 2012 4:58 PM

You have just a few hours left to claim your one free bingo card at Foxy Bingo for the first of THREE free bingo games that each boast a £100,000 jackpot so before you read on, login to your Foxy Bingo account here, click the first tab named ‘Free 100k’ and grab your free bingo card. Remember you have to be a funded member of Foxy Bingo in order to be able to participate in this free bingo bonanza though.

If you have yet to register with Foxy Bingo and make a deposit then it is worth noting that first deposits at this well-known online bingo brand of £10 or more will earn a 100% cash match bonus – deposit £10 and you’ll get another £10 absolutely free.

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