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Gala Bingo Slapped With An Advert Ban

Thursday, Jun. 22nd 2017 7:46 AM

When any online bingo brand chooses to advertise their wares on television, they are required to adhere to a number of strict rules. These are laid out in the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code). This code is applied to all adverts and over the years, many bingo sites have fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for breaching a number of different codes. Recently it was the turn of Gala Bingo and an advert for a promotion that focused on The Chase bingo at their site.

In this instance, the one complaint that was received about the Gala Bingo advert was focused on the small print that appeared on the screen. The complainant felt that it was illeligible and the ASA agreed which resulted in the complaint being upheld, and the advert not to be shown again in its current form.

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ASA Slaps The Arse Of Lucky Pants Bingo

Thursday, Jul. 7th 2016 7:19 AM

It was only last week that Butlers Bingo came under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to missing Terms and Conditions on an offer. This week it is the turn of Lucky Pants Bingo for a similar oversight, but this time the offending offer was sent by text.

There was just one complaint about the text and as it turns out, the complainant actually had multiple accounts with Lucky Pants Bingo so wasn’t entitled to the offer received anyway. However, it is not the job of the ASA to look at whether a player holds multiple accounts with a site, but to investigate the advert itself. In this case, the site had omitted Terms and Conditions resulting in the complaint being upheld.

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888 Rapped For Spiderman Promotion

Wednesday, Jul. 17th 2013 7:12 AM

We often see bingo sites in trouble with the ASA for bingo adverts shown on the television, but until recently, online promotions haven’t come under the same scrutiny. However, with new rules in place over the last few years, one site is now seeing the effect as 888 are rapped on the knuckles by the ASA over an online promotion featuring the Spiderman Slot.

Now Marvel slots and comic books slots are hugely popular across instant games and online casinos, but this ruling could have real repercussions. The complainant challenged that the feature of Spiderman on the front page was likely to appeal to children, and the ASA has now upheld this complaint.

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ASA Ban Vernons Bingo Commercial

Thursday, May. 16th 2013 7:15 AM

In May 2012 Littlewoods Bingo underwent a re-branding to Vernons Bingo and then at the beginning of 2013 they launched a commercial advertising their wares featuring a pug dressed in a bingo ball. Recently the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) banned the commercial from being shown again in its current format following a single complaint.

The commercial stated ‘ £30 FREE!’ for a large part of the duration of the advert. There were other references to the bonus made in the commercial too and the complainant believed them to be misleading because 1) the £10 deposited had to be spent before the £30 bonus was received and 2). Any winnings that were derived from the deposit and/or bonus could only be claimed after wagering the £30 four times.

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Fabulous Bingo Launch New TV Commercial

Wednesday, Oct. 24th 2012 7:01 AM

Shortly after Fabulous Bingo launched into the online gaming world they launched an advertising campaign on television. Their commercial soon came under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Agency following a single complaint from the Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group (GRASP) that the advert “irresponsibly linked gambling to seduction, sexual success and enhanced attractiveness.”

The complaint was upheld and the commercial was no longer allowed to be shown in the same format. Fabulous Bingo originally cut the “geeky” looking girl from the advert but now a new marketing campaign has been released by the brand.

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