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Are You Gonna Bingo With Sun Bingo?

Thursday, Mar. 1st 2018 7:13 AM

We have said time and time again that what makes a great online bingo advert, or a commercial for any product, is one that catches the viewers attention. Look at the brands that you know as soon as you hear a certain tune, and you’ll know that catchy music also works really well. The new Sun Bingo has both!

I showed the new Sun Bingo advert to my 20 year old daughter, she is currently in the front room singing “Are you gonna bingo”, so jobs a good ‘un in my opinion! She’s probably the target audience for the brand, but when asked if it would make her check out the site, her response was “No, I don’t play bingo.”

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Dodgy Advertorials Create Issues For Gala Bingo

Tuesday, Oct. 10th 2017 7:02 AM

When it comes to advertising any online bingo site, or promotion from the same, we are all governed by strict advertising codes. Not only are there authorities that monitor how advertising is undertaken but there is also our own moral code that ensures we promote gambling in a responsible and informative way. However, not all advertisers follow either set of codes and sadly for Gala Bingo, this landed them in hot water recently with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Across the Internet a number of articles had appeared advertising Gala Bingo in a less than acceptable manner. These appeared on a number of unscrupulous sites and all basically had the same storyline.

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Farewell Furry Foxy Friend

Thursday, Sep. 21st 2017 7:15 AM
Where's The FoxWhere Has The
Fox Gone?

Since Foxy Bingo first launched their commercials on television many moons ago, their mascot has been marmite for many viewers. We’re on the side of love and whilst he has some rather strange incarnations over the years, the purple suited woodland fella was synonymous with the brand. We always used to be really excited at the prospect of a new Foxy commercial, especially after the ‘We Are Family’ offering from 2008!

In 2005, yes TWELVE years ago, we first saw Foxy strutt onto our screens and if we’re honest, he came across as a bit of a lech. He’d stroll past women at bus stops and in the park, watch them in coffee shops and the hairdressers and just look like he was being a nuisance. But over the years, he became more debonair and gathered quite the following to make Foxy one of the best known bingo brands.

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£5 Free Play From Foxy Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 19th 2016 7:07 AM

Have you seen the new commercial from Foxy Bingo? We’re always excited when the format of the adverts for this brand changes because we always love the music that goes with the visuals. The new advert that we are currently seeing on television is promoting the recently introduced £5 free play* deal.

Of course the new commercial features the furry mascot of Foxy Bingo, Foxy himself, but also a well-known face (and voice) from Foxy TV and radio, Cristo. Cristo plays the doorman who welcomes the famous canid through the doors of Hotel Bingo.

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Tasty Bingo ‘Tantalises’ On TV

Thursday, Oct. 30th 2014 7:38 AM

When it comes to advertising on television we have seen many online bingo brands use this option to make players more aware of their brand. Some companies have better offerings that others but as the saying goes, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Tasty Bingo hasn’t been seen on TV for a few years now, it was 2010 when this brand last advertised on the small screen but it is now back selling its wares to viewers.

The scene for the Tasty Bingo TV commercial is set at a café where two women look set to enjoy a lunch together. The waiter appears to serve the carrying a tablet and sporting an apron just like the one we saw on the chef in the previous commercial for this brand. He lays the tablet on the table and it animates to show some of the better points of the site.

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