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This is the Bingo VG watch list for sites we’ve received complaints about either via our forum or the contact and comments forms at the site. We’re running a system where by the sites will be given one of 3 severity levels based on the sorts of complaints we receive about them.

To start with – a single complaint will make us sit up and take notice. A number of complaints will have us paying close attention to a site. Repeated complaints, or those of a more serious nature will have us warning people to avoid at all costs. We’ll also feature sites that we don’t believe offer players a fair shake, whether we’ve had complaints or not, as we find them.

We’ll provide a brief explanation of why the sites listed here have made our watch list – a link to the page the complaint is made from and any other pertinent info. The most serious sites are listed at the top of the page, with the less serious complaints in the sections going down the page. There will be some subjective placing of sites, if we judge the complaints being made to be more serious than others. The hope is to make bingo players more choosy and discerning about what sites they choose to play at, and steer them away from what we consider to be the worst of the bunch.

Personally, I apply what I call my Nan Test to the sites. If I’d be happy for my bingo loving Nan to go play at the sites and not get hoodwinked then that’s good. I play them too so I know what to expect. If I feel sites featured in the list here fail my Nan Test, then I’m sure they ain’t good enough for other players either, so please do as I do, an vote with your money by playing at sites that won’t rip you off or cause you problems.

Sites On The Watch List

The sites are listed by what we feel are the best indicators of how bad their transgressions are, and how we think players should think about playing at the sites. Avoid At All Costs is for the worst offenders. Paying Close Attention To is for those that are repeatedly exercising lesser transgressions against players. Sit Up Take Notice Of is for the sites that have some minor issues and complaints aimed against them.

As time goes on, we expect sites to start at the bottom of the page and work their way either up or off it all together. To get off it they need to fix the problems, to work their way up it, they need to carry ignoring their players’ needs and rights.

Avoid At All Costs

  • Awaiting sites.

Paying Close Attention To

Sit Up And Take Notice Of

  • Cozy Bingo powered sites – including Bingo Hero, Gone Bingo, Bingo Playground, Epic Bingo, etc. – Bingo VG team complaint raised about the high withdrawal and predatory bonus terms and conditions.
  • Dragonfish and Cashcade sites – Bingo VG team complaint raised about high minimum withdrawal levels and lack of ‘about to purchase’ feedback on games.

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