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Mirror Bingo £60k Win For Single Mum

Tuesday, Sep. 13th 2011 7:24 AM

Often when a site brings you details of a big bingo winner they will elaborate with details of how the money was won, on what game and of course, who by. Of the information released about the big Mirror Bingo win only the latter information was released and despite asking the question of the operators, no further details were ever forthcoming! The Mirror ran a story about the big winner, Tania Wadsworth or “wordy111” as she is known to her fellow online bingo players, but even their information was sketchy.

For players like myself who know that Mirror Bingo don’t offer a £60k jackpot on their actual bingo games it was obvious that this win, if it actually happened, was from playing the instant win games but surely being so vague about this is actually false advertising?

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How Much Should A Chat Host Know?

Monday, Aug. 29th 2011 7:57 AM

Over recent months we have asked the question of the relevance to chat hosts at internet bingo sites and yesterday I asked a fairly frequently asked question of a chat host at Giggle Bingo only to find that I was directed to the Terms & Conditions or Live Help. The question posed to the host was one that I consider they should have know the answer to – “How much is the minimum withdrawal amount?” which begs the question how much should a chat host know about the site they are working at?

In my opinion there are a number of things a chat host should know off the top of their heads or at least easily be able to access in order to actual offer some sort of customer service, not just those at Giggle Bingo, and the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are just two of those things.

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ABC Bingo Makeover And Welcome Bonus Confusion

Friday, Jul. 29th 2011 7:29 AM

ABC Bingo was one of the first Dragonfish networked brands that I ever came across when I first started playing bingo online and until recently it had a really poor home page. The site was cluttered, a horrible purple and gold and just generally needed updating. Thankfully ABC Bingo have had a makeover but with the new look, which is far more impressive, comes a little confusion with regard to the welcome bonus this brand has for new players.

Visit the home page of ABC Bingo and there, in big black letters, is the offer of 100 FREE CARDS! Now if you’re an avid bingo fan like me you’ll know full well that there are currently no penny bingo games available across the Dragonfish network so how exactly are you going to get 100 free cards?

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Pink Ribbon Bingo Moves To Dragonfish

Wednesday, Jul. 27th 2011 7:30 AM

In my opinion, of all the bingo software options available online today, Virtue Fusion is the best available; the platform offers impressive functionality, smooth game play and a great variety of bingo games. On the other hand the 888/Globalcom/Cassava bingo offering is like the poor relative. Why then would Pink Ribbon Bingo make the choice to move from Virtue Fusion to the Dragonfish network?

It’s like owning an Aston Martin and then selling it to buy a Ford Fiesta – what are Pink Ribbon Bingo thinking by making this move? It really makes no sense to me as a player and I’d like to just say “Quack, Quack, Oops” – showing my age there!

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Time To Re-Think Things Cassava

Friday, Jul. 8th 2011 7:31 AM

Over recent months we have been inundated with comments from players who have been banned for supposed bonus abuse from Cassava sites and it seems that each day this issue affects more and more players. The thought that struck me yesterday whilst soaking in the bath was that Cassava really needs to re-think things before the whole industry is bought into disrepute. Of course, there may well be players who do abuse the bonus system but the majority of comments we have come from what appear to be genuine players.

Now the average online bingo player is unlikely to know that a site like Two Fat Ladies Bingo is actually part of the same network as ABC Bingo yet we are all encouraged by advertisements and the like to join.

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