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Wix Bingo, One To Avoid

Wednesday, Mar. 16th 2011 7:26 AM

Of late we have seen many new bingo brands launch onto our screens and many, as is predominantly the case, are just ‘skins’ on a network. Basically this means they have a virtual lick of paint to make the home page look different but scratch the surface and you’ll usually find a site that we have seen a hundred times before. This is not the case with Wix Bingo and we were instantly drawn by the prospect of ‘proprietary software’ (software created specifically for a brand).

We registered despite our initial reservations considering that Wix Bingo is registered in Cyprus, a country in the EU that automatically hits the white list. However this is usually a haven for brands that don’t offer the best Terms and Conditions for the player.

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Purely Bingo Closed For Business

Wednesday, Nov. 10th 2010 9:31 AM

Purely Bingo is one brand that we don’t advertise here; we never felt that the brand had much to offer the player and their licence, under the Play ‘N’ Go software, was not white listed by the UK’s Gambling Commission. This means that we are unable to advertise the brand following new regulations under the Gambling Act 2005 as the UK Gambling Commission wasn’t happy enough with their licensing regions regulations to add it to the white list.

A recent turn of events means that we had made the right decision with regard to the Purely Bingo brand as on 5th November 2010 they were closed for business by their software provider.

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Astro Bingo Promotions

Monday, Sep. 20th 2010 7:09 AM

Whenever we add another review here at Bingo.VG we always like to follow up with a little something about the promotions available at the newly listed site. Often we find some pretty impressive offers at the brands in question but sadly this was not the case when taking a look at the Astro Bingo promotions.

Now this could be attributed to the fact that we weren’t enthralled by certain aspects of Astro Bingo when we reviewed the site; most obviously the amount creamed of the top of ticket sales and not put into the prize pot. However when you take a look at an example of a promotion from Astro Bingo you’ll see it’s more of a case that they are just poor in comparison with other brands!

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Bingo Hero or Bingo Zero?

Tuesday, Sep. 14th 2010 7:29 AM

The latest review to hit our site is that of Bingo Hero; Sunday was spent in away that can only be described as pulling teeth trying to compile a review of this Cozy Games bingo site. We’ve played at sites on this platform quite a bit, not through choice but through necessity, and we can say, hand on heart, the experience doesn’t ever get any better! What’s even more infuriating is that novice bingo players are being sucked in by what appears to be great welcome bonuses!

In fact these aren’t great offers from Bingo Hero; scratch the surface (i.e. read the terms and conditions) and you’ll see that it’s very unlikely you will ever see a return on your money!

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Are Cassava Sites Banning ‘Unprofitable’ Players?

Wednesday, Jul. 28th 2010 9:37 PM

If you play at any 888 / Cassava powered sites, then you may just need to start looking carefully at how you handle your money. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been hearing an increasing number of reports from people who have been banned from Cassava powered sites on a number of different networks. The one thing these reports have in common is that players are what you would describe as unprofitable.

They all seem to share the same profile – they withdraw more than they deposit – and use their frequent withdrawals to refund their accounts and take advantage of the reload bonus. One has been told they’re abusing bonuses by doing this. Others have been told they are unacceptable as players as they only deposit funds when the site offers an extra deposit bonus. Either way, players are having their accounts frozen without warning, and some are having their winnings withheld as a result. Well, I’m here to say this sort of behaviour is not on, and appeal to Cassava to stop this shoddy behaviour. I’m also here to warn you about what’s happening, so as you can take steps to stop yourself becoming one of the banned.

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