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Tombola Bingo is one of the few online bingo sites that has its own exclusive software platform. You know that when you choose to play at Tombola you are going to have an unique experience with games and graphics that are different to any other site around.

Previously Tombola was the platform that powered Sun Bingo (at least until they moved to Virtue Fusion in August 2016), and did not exist in its own right. However, Sun Bingo decided to move to a new platform, and as a result Tombola set up as its own standalone site. Alongside its innovative software, it’s also worth noting that Tombola offers a whole range of features within its interface that make it standout as a superb offering.

When you log into Tombola you will find many features that include:

  • There is no download of software needed before you can play any of the games.
  • Variety of bingo games, bargain bingo in the Bingo Lite rooms, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo.
  • From the History tab you can find details of the winners of the last 10 games and recent jackpot winners.
  • You can customise your dabber colour and whether or not you want to use the auto-daub facility.
  • All claims are automatic so you do not need to worry about missing a call if you have to pop away from your computer screen.
  • As well as bingo there is also a variety of other games to choose from including Cinco, BingoRoulette, Bandit, Rollercoaster, Hamster Race and Battleships.
  • Every week there is a free game to play where you could win a bonus or cash prize. This month the game is Lucky Pick where daily you have 6 chances to pick a square to try and find a cash prize behind it.
  • A fairly new feature is their playmate scheme where you can add other players as your playmate and if they are lucky enough to win big you will receive a bonus i.e. if they win £20, you will receive a £1 bonus.
  • 24 hour Customer Service team who are available to answer any questions and resolve any problems by telephone, email or live help.
  • Acceptable payment methods for crediting/debiting your account are Debit or Credit card and PayPal. Cash withdrawals are processed quickly and credited back to your payment method with a couple of days.

There are also however a few minus features of the Tombola software. One such feature is that you cannot change your cards. So if you are a player that likes to have cards with a certain number on them then you are out of luck. Also if you are one of the few players that like to play dark i.e. exit the chat room, then this is another one of the disadvantages of the Tombola software as you cannot exit the chat room. Once you enter into a game room, you will automatically see all the chat in the chat box although you can of course choose not to participate in the chat.

Another one of the negative features is that the CM’s are responsible for more than one room at a time so pop in and out of the chat rooms at regular intervals. With a site that is becoming ever popular it would make sense to have a CM on duty in each of the chat rooms especially as at times there could be in excess of 50 players in a room which inevitably leads to some negative comments or abuse if someone is having a lucky streak.

Overall though, Tombola has more plus points than minus points so is a great site to play on. The wide choice of games to choose from makes it a popular choice with players. Visit

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