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Leapfrog Gaming’s bingo software was always unique in the bingo world, offering 3D gameplay in a virtual bingo hall. Unlike most sites where you just get to see virtual bingo tickets, here there was even a virtual you, allowing you to wander around the hall, sit at tables and play the games. However, a more recent change to the software started to phase out the 3D aspect and as it was the brands only unique edge we’re not sure where they’d go from here.

There’s no more navigating a 3D world, just the standard ticket only outlay available at many other bingo sites. As the Leapfrog software is download only, and so many other sites are instant play, we’re not now sure why you’d bother.

Even without the memory intensive 3D software the site still has its problems. The first and largest of these is that you have to download and install their software to play. In this age of Flash powered non-download bingo, it feels both out of place and intrusive. This also means that players on platforms other than Windows are excluded from playing at these sites due to the incompatibility of the software.

As well as 75 and 90 ball bingo, the platform offers a wide range of slots and other quick casino themed games. It’s worth pointing out that the 90 ball variant is a bit odd in that you buy single tickets like the 75 ball version, rather than having them arranged in strips of six. As intriguing as the idea of the virtual world in, there are times when it gets in the way of just getting in there and having a game too.

We suggest that you check out the best offer below before committing any serious cash, and at the very least it’s going to be an interesting experience.

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Leapfrog Bingo Online Bingo Software Features

There are many features of their software which include:

  • Windows compatible download only
  • 3D virtual casino to roam in.
  • Help desk facility from home page to allow you to raise a query with support and check on progress of any open support tickets you may already have.
  • Ability to customise your personal avatar.
  • You don’t have to worry about missing a claim as the bingo claims are all automatic.
  • You can also choose to switch off the background sounds and callers voice if you don’t want to listen to them.
  • Selection of side games including slots and instant wins.


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