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Costa Bingo Boasts A Spring Kickstarter

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Apr. 12th 2018 7:02 AM

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet although the temperature is a bit warmer and we’re finally seeing an improvement in the weather. It’s usually this time of year that many people choose to spring clean and spruce up their homes. But why should it only be the homes that get spruced up? Costa Bingo think we should too and that’s why their Spring Kickstarter is fully of prizes to put a spring in your step.

That said, like all of the latest promotions from Costa Bingo, whilst they advertise a prize – you will actually get vouchers or the cash value of the prize. You won’t be sent it directly from the site.

Please note that this promotion ends on 4th May 2018

Kick Start Your Spring With Costa Bingo

Still, even if you have to order the prizes yourself if you get lucky in the promotion, with cards costing 1p or 2p for each game, and them playing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 4th May, it’s still worth getting involved.

Each week the same games play and the same prizes (well, vouchers or cash) are given away and the schedule looks like this:

Monday Game

Tickets are a penny each and the prize shown is April Skin 4D Contouring Sticks. The prize value for the vouchers or cash is £40.

Wednesday Game

Tickets for this game are 2p each and the prize advertised is a Lantra Besa Neckerchief. The prize value for the vouchers or cash is £55

Friday Game

Tickets for this game are also 2p each and the prize show on the promotional page at Costa Bingo is Estee Lauder Flower perfume. The prize value for the vouchers or cash is £60.

Kick start your spring over at

Costa Bingo - Kickstarter

T&C’s taken from the Costa Bingo promotional page

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