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Easter Escalator Jackpots At Mecca Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Mar. 30th 2018 4:14 AM

Mecca Bingo is one of those brands that like to ensure that all their roomies are catered for, regardless of whether they prefer bingo or slots. A few days ago, we brought you details of the double jackpots on Rainbow Riches, but they don’t want the rest of their players feeling left out. To this end, they have lined up a four-day long Easter Escalator Jackpot and it comes packed full of cash prizes.

This exciting new promotion from Mecca Bingo starts today and is running until Monday 2nd April so you don’t have long if you want to join in the fun. The good news is that you can play on your mobile phone, tablet or on your computer, so you have no excuse for not logging in whilst you are munching on your chocolate eggs! The action is taking place between 6pm and midnight and there is a different room each day.

Please note that this promotion ends on 2nd April 2018

Mecca Bingo’s Featured Rooms

Mecca Bingo want as many of their roomies to join in the fun, no matter which variation of the game they prefer to play. Therefore, over the next four days, the Easter Escalator will be running in a different room:

  • Friday 30th March in the Gold Rush room
  • Saturday 31st March in the Deal or No Deal 90 room
  • Sunday 1st April in the Deal or No Deal 75 room
  • Monday 2nd April in the Lucky 7 room

Escalating Jackpots At Mecca Bingo

Every game during these six hours each day is an Escalating Jackpot game, which means the prize pot keeps on increasing until it’s finally won. To make this even easier, Mecca Bingo will be increasing the ball count every hour until the jackpot is activated:

Friday 30th March

  • 6pm – 31 ball calls
  • 7pm – 33 ball calls
  • 8pm – 35 ball calls
  • 9pm – 37 ball calls
  • 10pm – 39 ball calls
  • 11pm – 41 ball calls

Saturday 31st March

  • 6pm – 33 ball calls
  • 7pm – 35 ball calls
  • 8pm – 37 ball calls
  • 9pm – 39 ball calls
  • 10pm – 41 ball calls
  • 11pm – 43 ball calls

Sunday 1st April

  • 6pm – 44 ball calls
  • 7pm – 46 ball calls
  • 8pm – 48 ball calls
  • 9pm – 50 ball calls
  • 10pm – 52 ball calls
  • 11pm – 54 ball calls

Monday 2nd April

  • 6pm – 44 ball calls
  • 7pm – 46 ball calls
  • 8pm – 48 ball calls
  • 9pm – 50 ball calls
  • 10pm – 52 ball calls
  • 11pm – 54 ball calls

When the jackpots are finally won, the winner will take home a 50% share, with the remainder being split equally by everyone else that purchased cards for the game.

Win an Easter jackpot at

Terms And Conditions

T&C’s taken from the Mecca Bingo promotional page

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