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Jackpot Joy Are On The Box

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Mar. 16th 2018 4:18 AM

You can always rely on Jackpot Joy to look after their players. It does not matter when you log in, regardless of whether it’s the start of the month or the end, they always ensure there is a steady stream of promotions for their lucky roomies to enjoy. If you make your way over there now, you have the chance to win yourself a brand-new television or a cash prize thanks to their On the Box promotion.

This exciting new promotion from Jackpot Joy is running until midnight on Monday, so you have a few days to get involved. If you want to join in the fun though, you must first log in to your account, head to the ‘On the Box’ promo page and click on click on the green ‘Opt in’. Once you have done this, you must wager at least £30 on bingo or any of their many cash-packed side games.


Test Your Knowledge At Jackpot Joy

Once you have met Jackpot Joy’s £30 wagering requirements, you will need to answer six questions. They are all multiple choice with four possible answers for each one. Some are one-word answers and the others have picture clues, but don’t worry as none of them are very hard and we are sure Google can help if you get stuck! The questions are:

  1. In Father Ted, what animal figurine is Ted holding when explaining to Dougal that ‘these are small, those are far away’?
  2. In which location does Dawn French’s famous Vicar live?
  3. When Wayne and Waynetta Slob win the lottery in Harry Enfield and Chums, what solid gold object do they have in their flat?
  4. In 2000, one of these game-changing reality shows started – but which one?
  5. Which one of these moustaches is worn by the super sleuth Hercule Poirot, as played by David Suchet?
  6. What was the name of the coffee shop where Monica and the rest of Friends hung out?

Jackpot Joy Prizes

Everyone that answers at least four questions correctly will be entered into two special prize draws. The first of these is the Main Draw, where 5 winners will be picked at random to win a superb 43” Sony Bravia KD 43XE7003 LED Smart TV each. Jackpot Joy will then host a Box Bonanza Prize Draw that will generate a further 100 winners, each of which will receive a box containing a mystery cash prize.

Win a new television at

Terms And Conditions

Jackpot Joy - On The Box

T&C’s taken from the Jackpot Joy promotional page

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