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Lady Luck Visits Hippodrome Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Feb. 22nd 2018 7:26 AM
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Hippodrome Bingo

When it comes to impressive bingo jackpots, these are not exclusive to online brands or even to the big high street clubs like Mecca and Gala. The Hippodrome Bingo Club in Bishop Auckland has been quite lucky over the last year. In total their customers have scooped over £35,000 on the National Bingo game!

The latest big win at the Hippodrome Bingo club was for a player who has been a regular at the venue for 18 years. He was at the club with his wide when his numbers came up to win him a total of £5,613.36 and the 67-year-old is more than happy with Lady Luck’s appearance!

During 2017 there were four National Bingo game winners at the venue who won a total of £29,722 between them.

House For Hippodrome Bingo Winner

Although choosing to remain anonymous, the lucky winner did take the time to chat with the local newspaper.

He told the reported that he felt elated at the win and went on to say

I was with my wife at the time and as you can imagine, she is really pleased with the win too. I plan on using some of the money for house repairs but we’ll also share it and have a little fun.

It was a surprise to win but all of the customers at the club were so pleased for us, clapping and cheering.

The recently appointed General Manager of the club, Paul Heath, had this to say about the big win

I’ve joined the club at a really lucky time for players! I’ve been told that the National Game has brought good fortune to many customers over the years and long may it continue.

Congratulations to our big winner!

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