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Valentine’s Day With Chit Chat Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Feb. 13th 2018 7:07 AM

When it comes to offering something a little different from the rest of the network, Chit Chat Bingo and its sister sites have their Royal Room. Alongside this, they have a selection of exclusive promotions to complement their ‘brand only access’ room. For Valentine’s Day they are rolling out the red carpet to their players with a Royal Room romantic rendezvous for roomies.

The Royal Room at Chit Chat Bingo will be bursting with love from 7pm until 11pm and in the four hour session will be giving away loyalty points and Amazon gift cards too. Keep reading to learn about the chat games that will be played and the special Amazon voucher games that will be played.

Please note that this promotion ends on 14th February 2018

Chat ‘Up’ Games At Chit Chat Bingo

There is a schedule that’s being used for the party but that’s only for the special chat games and promotional games. The banter and the chat, well that’s all decided by the roomies. Here’s just some of what is happening throughout the evening:

7pm until 8pm – Lovely Hug Chat Game

All you have to do is give the host a ‘Lovely’ number. This number must be between 1 and 89 (not 90 because that will be the hug for 89). When your number and it’s ‘Hug’ (the number following it) are called, type LOVELY HUG in chat first and you will win 1,000 loyalty points.

8pm until 9pm – Love Your Mate Chat Game

The full house winner will determine who wins the chat game. If the winner calls on an even number, the player above them in chat will get the 1,000 loyalty points. If it is an odd number, the player below will get them.

9pm – Amazon Voucher Game

The full house winner on the 9pm game will also get a £25 Amazon voucher!

For the full schedule, visit the promotional page at

Chit Chat Bingo - Valentine's Day

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