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New Advert From Wink Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Feb. 11th 2018 7:49 AM

It was only at the end of January that we reported on the new look at Wink Bingo and the additional feature of Wink Rewards as part of the welcome package. What we hadn’t noticed at the time was that the changes were complemented, and advertised, with a new commercial from the brand too.

What came first though? The site design or the advert? Recipe are the marketing agency behind the new marketing campaign from Wink Bingo. The company have been involved with advertising for Nurofen, Coca Cola, aviscon, Schweppes, Birds Eye, Veet and even 888 (both casino and sport). Considering the latter, we’re not surprised to learn that new commercial was created by this agency.

You’ve Earned It At Wink Bingo

The strapline of the new commercial is ‘You’ve Earned It’. It starts with the pop-art face of the site speaking to the ‘wonder women of the world’. She tells of how those wonder women are the unsung heroes of the world, that they are up first and complain last.

She continues

We’re unstoppable and we deserve more! Come on, we deserve Wink Rewards. Play bingo, earn rewards and spend them at some of your favourite retailers. Wink Bingo, you’ve earned it.

Probably our favourite part of the advert is the end when three of the pop-are ladies transform in to the real ladies behind the cartoon figures.

Watch the advert by clicking the image below if you haven’t yet seen it on TV.

Small Print An Issue?

What we’re not convinced about, and something that may cause a problem with the Advertising Standards Authority, is the line ‘and spend them at some of your favourite retailers’ because whilst it is a little true, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Wink Rewards can be exchanged for shopping vouchers from an array of high street retailers but it isn’t the Wink Rewards you can actually spend there. That and you will have to wait a short while for the vouchers to arrive following an exchange.

That said, we are sure that Recipe checked that their small print covers this for the advert and we’re sure it would have been run by Clearcast.

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