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Freebie Fun At Jackpot Joy

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Jan. 28th 2018 7:15 AM

For some, pay day is still a little way off and with January often seeing us with more month than money, we thought we’d take a look at the freebies on offer at Jackpot Joy. As the bingo budget might be stretch a little, bargain bingo is what we need and this site has quite a bit to offer players.

Head to the promotions page at Jackpot Joy and you’ll find Paddy McGuinness eager to show you what he has to offer by way of free bingo. Every day in the Cloud Room there are free games and the chance to win full house prizes that could be as much as £50! There are six games an hour from 9am until 9pm daily.

Please note that the free bingo promotion ends in 18th April 2018

More About The Free Bingo At Jackpot Joy

All of the free bingo games at Jackpot Joy play at 5, 10, 25, 35, 50 and 55 minutes past the hour and the prizes vary on each game depending on the session that you are playing in. From 9am until 6pm daily the prize money is as follows:

  • One line for £5
  • Two lines for £10
  • Full house for £30

For the games between 6pm and 9pm the prize money will be as follows:

  • One line for £5
  • Two lines for £10
  • Full house for £50

All prizes from the free games are paid as cash!

Please note that the Royal Spoils promotion ends on 31st January 2018

Royal Spoils From Jackpot Joy

There are only a few more days left of this promotion but you can still get involved. The Royal Spoils will be played twice a day in the Cloud room at Jackpot Joy and there will be four games in each session. Two games on free bingo games and two on standard games.

All you have to do then is buy tickets for the selected game and hope the randomiser choses you to play the Royal Spoils. If you are chosen you will win an amount determined by the number that the full house is called on.

Cross your fingers and hope it’s a high number! The highest amount that can be won is £9.00 (number 90) and the lowest, just 10p (number 1) at during their Royal Spoils promotion.

Jackpot Joy - Freebies

T&C’s taken from the relevant promotional page at Jackpot Joy

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