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Betfred Bingo Advert On TV

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Jan. 4th 2018 7:57 AM

Betfred Bingo is one of many sites that is part of the Virtue Fusion / Playtech network that is powered by software of the same name. Whilst Betfred is a well-known name in sports-betting, the bingo has always been a little lacking in the promotional department in our opinion. However, that appears to have changed with a recent relaunch of the product with a new look and more exciting promotional offers.

When the Betfred Bingo site makeover took place [read more here] there was more on offer than a new design and better site navigation. Along with the aesthetic changes came some new promotions and shortly after, a new advertising campaign on the small screen. But does the new advert do the site justice?

A Marmite Advert From Betfred Bingo

If we are brutally honest, it’s not got the ‘head turner’ factor. You know what we mean; it’s not an advert that when it comes on TV you instantly look up from what you are doing to watch. It doesn’t make an impression on the viewer in our opinion at least.

However, with that said, we do like how the site makeover and promotions complement the advertising campaign and we’re quite impressed with the whole gameshow theme. It just needs a little more pizzazz to bring it to life properly.

It’s quite difficult for the creators of gambling adverts now though because there are so many criteria to meet and pot holes and minefields to avoid when creating any type of marketing campaign for a gambling brand.

Watch The Betfred Bingo Advert

Of course, that’s just our opinion – you might feel differently about the commercial when you view it. If you haven’t already seen it on television and want to see what we are talking about, just click the image below:

Please note that you do have to have a verified YouTub account to view the advert and be over the age of 18.

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