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Do The #Meccarena At Mecca Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Jan. 2nd 2018 7:16 AM

Over the years we have seen quite a few great adverts from various bingo sites, some have been real head turners too. Mecca Bingo are the latest to turn out a commercial that had us looking back at the screen in the advert break! The reason was simple – it wasn’t because it was a bingo advert, because on hearing it you wouldn’t know, it was because it featured a famous party dance tune – the Macarena.

However, Mecca Bingo have renamed the tune to Meccarena and the song parodied to suit the commercial. It’s fun, it gets the message across and currently, it’s a personal favourite in the online bingo advert stakes.

Fun All The Way At Mecca Bingo

Whilst some might consider that they have mimicked Wink Bingo a little with the dancing dog, it works for us because the dog is clearly not enhanced with CGI and is genuinely dancing.

The opening bars of the advert is one that will get women of a certain age looking up – after all, who hasn’t got up and done the Macarena at some point or other?

We see a woman sitting on a sofa with her day, her tablet rested on the table as a game plays at Mecca Bingo. The music starts and the song begins.

The words have changed quite a bit, and more relevant to an online bingo site:

Need one number
Do the Meccarena
Palms all sweaty
Do the Meccarena
Hoping for a win
Do the Meccarena
Hey Meccarena

She then moves from the sofa into a hair salon sporting a pink gown, more players join her. Then it’s to London and the Guards at Buckingham Palace as more players join in the dance before hitting a shopping centre and then to the highlands!

Not Seen the Meccarena From Mecca Bingo Yet?

If you haven’t seen the advert yet you can view it by clicking the image below:

We love this commercial from, do you?

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Who is the actress in in the new ad.

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