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Christmas Party At Chit Chat Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Dec. 19th 2017 7:31 AM

We’re just a few days away from Christmas now and around the world, Christmas parties are taking place at a variety of venues. Not to be outdone, Chit Chat Bingo (and it’s sister sites Bid Bingo and Bingo Zino) are hosting their very own festive frolics in their standalone room, The Royal Room.

You don’t have to wear your best bib and tucker, there’s no requirement to don your party frock but you do have to bring your own tipple if you fancy one during the event at Chit Chat Bingo. There’s no need to RSVP to your invitation either, just be in the Royal Room from 7pm tomorrow night (20th December).

Please note: this promotion ends on 20th December 2017

Throughout the evening, special chat games are to be played and Amazon gift cards will be won.

Party Hard With Chat Chat Bingo

Here’s the schedule for the part at Chit Chat Bingo:

From 7pm until 8pm – Naughty And Nice
All you have to do is give the chat host two numbers; one even and one odd. When both your naughty and nice numbers have been called, type “NAUGHTY AND NICE” into the chat room and you will win the prize on offer.

From 8pm until 9pm – My Lucky Hug
Christmas is about giving and in this game it is all about giving your fellow players a virtual hug.
Your lucky number will be your ‘hug’ and when the number before, the number after and your ‘hug’ are called, type “MY LUCKY HUG” with the three numbers into chat to be the winner and get a prize.

From 9pm until 10pm – Christmas Bingo
This game is pretty easy to follow because you are just using the numbers for Christmas Day 2017 – 25, 12 and 17. When all have been called be the first to type XMAS in the chat room to win 1,000 loyalty points.

10pm – £50 Amazon Voucher
On the 10pm game, the player who wins the full house will not only get the standard house prize based on ticket sales, but also a £50 Amazon Voucher.

From 10pm until 11pm – Christmas Blowout
For the last hour of the party there’s a bit more than the standard house prizes to be won on the games. It’s a 5p session and all full house winners will also get a £10 Amazon voucher!
Please note: all chat games will pay out a minimum of 1,000 loyalty points and these have an exchange rate of 1,000 for £1 of bingo bonus funds at

Terms And Conditions

Chit Chat Bingo - Christmas Party

T&C’s taken from Chit Chat Bingo

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