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Winter Fun At Treasure Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Sunday, Nov. 26th 2017 4:16 AM

The Treasure Bingo pirates don’t have a bad life really. Yes, they do spend a lot of time at sea, plundering any passing ships, but when they are off duty, they get to chill out and relax on some of the most gorgeous tropical islands. The rest of us are not that lucky sadly, and before too long we’ll have the snow to deal with, but don’t get too down about it, as their latest promotion comes packed full of prizes that are designed to help us get through it.

Treasure Bingo‘s 90-ball Winter Fun game is setting sail on Thursday 7th December at 10pm. You can get onboard using your computer, smartphone or tablet device, meaning you can join in the fun regardless of whether you are sitting in your favourite arm chair at home or relaxing with a friend over a few drinks down the pub.


Treasure Bingo’s Winter Fun Cards

Cards are available from the new Treasure Bingo lobby and they will cost you just 10p each. The good news is that you can play with a minimum of just one if you are trying to save a bit of money or up to a maximum of ninety-six if you are feeling flush. If you are not sure whether you’ll be available to log in and play on the night, don’t worry as those friendly pirates will play your cards for you.

Treasure Bingo Prizes

Treasure Bingo have lined up £450 worth of prizes for their lucky winners. The full house winner will be guaranteed hours of fun on the slopes with their own comfort sledge worth £200. The two-line winner will be kept warm and toasty thanks to a new winter jacket worth £150 and the one-line winner can have fun with the kids on a snow tube worth a cool £100. If none of these prizes take your fancy, or the thought of venturing out into the snow fills you with dread, you can choose to take the value of your prize in real cash instead.

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