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Winner Bingo Chat Games

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Nov. 10th 2017 4:02 AM

No matter when you log in to Winner Bingo, you will always find a friendly Chat Master on duty. They have many different roles to help things tick along nicely including welcoming new players, keeping you up to date with promotional details, helping you with any problems that might arise and keeping you entertained with a variety of chat games.

To qualify for any of the Winner Bingo chat games, you must be playing with at least two bingo cards and there must be at least three people in the room. If these criteria are met, you can join in the fun, share a bit of banter with your bingo buddies and fingers crossed, with yourself a few pounds worth of bonus funds.


Fun And Games At Winner Bingo

The Winner Bingo chat games come in several forms, and whilst we don’t have time to detail them all, these are a few of our personal favourites. Make sure you keep an eye on the room as the Chat Master on duty will bring you details of the game that is about to be played.

The Price is Right is bases on the television show of the same name. You will be given a list of items found in a supermarket and you simply have to guess the price. If you are the roomies that has guessed the nearest to the correct answer, you’ll win a prize.

Winner Bingo Bonus Prizes

Bingo Chip Shop is a game for all of you that spend way too much time in a takeaway! This game runs for a whole hour and the Chat Master will ask you to name things found in a chip beginning with certain letters. Each time you correctly get an answer, not only will Winner Bingo give you a £1 bonus but also one potato chip. At the end of the hour, the roomie with the most chips will win an extra bonus!

Word Link is a game that will test your brain as it’s all about word association. You will be given two words and must work out the words that connects them e.g. the Chat Master could say Toad and Stool, and you would win a prize if you were the first player to guess the answer Pigeon (Toad Pigeon and Pigeon Stool).

If you want to see the other great games on offer, simply head on over to the Chat Games promotional page where you will find a comprehensive list.

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