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Treasure Bingo’s Birthday Boat

Posted by: BingoLee - Tuesday, Oct. 17th 2017 4:05 AM

Treasure Bingo have been sailing the virtual seas for three years now and built up an army of loyal crew men and women along the way. They are celebrating their birthday this week with a very special 75-ball bingo game and if you sail on over there right now, you still have time to join in the fun and win yourself a share of the prizes.

Treasure Bingo‘s Birthday Boat Party docks at 11pm on Thursday night to allow their lucky roomies to climb onboard. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up as a pirate or even bring a bottle, simply log in to your account at the site (or create one) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and make your way into the lobby where you’ll be able to take part in the big game.


Treasure Bingo’s Birthday Prizes

The Treasure Bingo pirates have lined up £600 worth of prizes for the winners of their 75-ball Birthday Boat Party game. The lucky full house winner will be able to keep their own guests entertained for a long time to come thanks to a stunning ION Audio Party Rocker Max 100 W rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and mini LED jukebox music station that comes complete with a built-in CD player and MP3 player dock.

If this does not appeal though, you can opt to take £300 real cash if you prefer. In addition to this, they have set aside £200 real cash to be split between the 1TG players and £100 real cash for those that miss out by 2TG.

Treasure Bingo Birthday Cards

Unfortunately, Treasure Bingo and all their sister sites have now done away with the chance to earn cards like they have done in the past. You can no longer use your Diamonds to pay for cards either which is sad to see but it’s not all bad news.

Cards for this game are just 15p each which is a big reduction on the £1 and £2 that they used to charge. You can still play with a maximum of 96 cards however and if you can’t get online on the night, they will still be played for you.

Hop onboard the Birthday Boat at

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