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Dodgy Advertorials Create Issues For Gala Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Oct. 10th 2017 7:02 AM

When it comes to advertising any online bingo site, or promotion from the same, we are all governed by strict advertising codes. Not only are there authorities that monitor how advertising is undertaken but there is also our own moral code that ensures we promote gambling in a responsible and informative way. However, not all advertisers follow either set of codes and sadly for Gala Bingo, this landed them in hot water recently with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Across the Internet a number of articles had appeared advertising Gala Bingo in a less than acceptable manner. These appeared on a number of unscrupulous sites and all basically had the same storyline.

They told of William who was depressed as he had huge amounts of debts and his wife was ill in hospital. He logged into Facebook to update friends and family of her health and noticed an advert for Gala Bingo.

The advert told of a big winner at the site and their welcome bonus and William thought ‘Why not?’. You can imagine the rest.

Gala Bingo Ultimately Responsible

There are many articles posted online daily about Gala Bingo, you only have to look at our pages for numerous examples, and whilst the ASA are right in what they say about “as the beneficiaries of the marketing material, they were responsible for the ad”, but what more could they have done then they already did?¬†For example, affiliates are reminded on a regular basis of the guidelines for advertising their brand.

The moment the ASA got in touch with them over the advertorial, Gala Bingo closed the account of the affiliate responsible and ensured that the article was removed. It wasn’t even the affiliate that created the ad, but a sub-affiliate of theirs.

Of course the complaints were upheld by the ASA, and rightly so, but it just feels unjust that Gala Bingo are in the firing line that, even with the best will in the world and the scouring of the Internet daily, they could not have known about the article until it was brought to their attention by the ASA.

The ad was found to be in breach of all of the following CAP Codes:

CAP 2.1

Marketing communications must be obviously identifiable as such.

CAP 2.3

Marketing communications must not falsely claim or imply that the marketer is acting as a consumer or for purposes outside its trade, business, craft or profession; marketing communications must make clear their commercial intent, if that is not obvious from the context.

CAP 16.1

Marketing communications for gambling must be socially responsible, with particular regard to the need to protect children, young persons and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited.

CAP 16.3

Marketing communications must not:

CAP 16.3.3

suggest that gambling can provide an escape from personal, professional or educational problems such as loneliness or depression

CAP 16.3.4

suggest that gambling can be a solution to financial concerns, an alternative to employment or a way to achieve financial security

You can read the full adjudication here.

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