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Paddy McGuinness Fronts New Jackpot Joy Ad

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Sep. 28th 2017 7:49 AM

Since Barbara Windsor became the Queen of Bingo and took the lead in the Jackpot Joy commercials we have seen some impressive adverts from the brand. We’ve also seen some mickey takes, remember her pieing Foxy in the face? On 14th September the best of the commercials was released in our opinion, and the baton of the face of Jackpot Joy was passed to Paddy McGuinness.

We’re not yet sure if this is a permanent change but we’re certainly all for being greeted by the host of Take Me Out every time we visit Jackpot Joy. He’s definitely eye candy for this online bingo player! Not only is he good to look at, Paddy McGuinness is great to watch in the new advert for this award winning bingo site.

Jackpot Joy Send Their Queen On A Cruise

The implication in the commercial is that the Queen of Bingo is only going to be gone for a little while. Paddy gives her tickets for a cruise and she’s off but this has not been confirmed or denied by the powers that be at Jackpot Joy.

The advert starts with Barbara Windsor knocking on Paddy’s door dressed in her full bingo regalia and asking him if he is trying to take her crown. He asks her in and then shows her around his home.

He shows off his royal band under the stairs, his corgi (that is a whippet with a corgi type coat on) and his royal mug. The Queen does not look impressed whilst stirring her tea but then he whips out some tickets and tells her of the long cruise he has booked her.

The next thing we see is her dress flying across the room and Paddy is the new face of Jackpot Joy. He struts out of the house with his royal band playing a fanfare and says “Come on world and Jackpot joy’n us and grab fun by the balls”

The Jackpot Joy Ad

Click the image below to see the commercial:

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