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Seven Days, Seven New Events At Mecca Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Sep. 24th 2017 7:35 AM

We’re fast approaching the end of the month, and Mecca Bingo have been hosting seven different events daily. Today sees the start of the last week of this special promotion so we thought we’d give you the full run down of just some of what’s happening at the site between now and the end of the month in their Daily Specials.

In amongst these Daily Specials At Mecca Bingo you will find the chance to win more cash prizes, free tickets and even a dash of free bingo. Get your diaries out and try to make yourself available to take full advantage between no and 30th September.

Examples Of Daily Specials At Mecca Bingo

Read on for details of what each day has to offer. Whether you love the Roll On Games or are looking for a bit of a bargain with free games, there’s something in this week’s schedule for you.


From 2pm until midnight there will be Roll On Games in various rooms as per the following scheduled. Each game will have £10 for the one line, £15 for the two line and £25 for the full house. The Roll On prizes will be £30 per game.

2pm until 2:59pm in Sunset Strip
3pm until 3:59pm in Key to the Door
4pm until 4:59pm in Two Little Ducks
5pm until 5:59pm in Jump and Jive
6pm until 6:59pm in Clickety Click
7pm until 7:59pm in Two Little Ducks
8pm until 8:59pm in Dancing Queen
9pm until 9:59pm in Lucky for Some
10pm until 10:59pm in Legs Eleven
11pm until 11:59pm in Two Little Ducks

There will be ten games every hour.


From 6pm on Monday there is £36,000 in prize money to be won in the Burst and Emoji Bingo rooms until midnight.

Tickets cost between 25p and £3.


Head to the X Factor Bingo room between 6pm and midnight because there is to be 60 games that have a total prize pool of £4,500! Tickets for all games are just 10p each and they each have the 1TG and 2TG feature.

Check the schedule below:

Time One Line Two Line Full House Feature
6pm until 6:59pm< £10 £15 £25 1TG
7pm until 7:59pm £15 £20 £40 1TG
8pm until 8:59pm £20 £30 £50 1TG & 2TG
9pm until 9:59pm £20 £30 £50 1TG & 2TG
10pm until 10:59pm £15 £20 £40 1TG
11pm until 11:59pm £10 £15 £25 1TG

For details on what else is happening at the site between now and the end of the month, head to the promotions page at

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