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Farewell Furry Foxy Friend

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Sep. 21st 2017 7:15 AM
Where's The FoxWhere Has The
Fox Gone?

Since Foxy Bingo first launched their commercials on television many moons ago, their mascot has been marmite for many viewers. We’re on the side of love and whilst he has some rather strange incarnations over the years, the purple suited woodland fella was synonymous with the brand. We always used to be really excited at the prospect of a new Foxy commercial, especially after the ‘We Are Family’ offering from 2008!

In 2005, yes TWELVE years ago, we first saw Foxy strutt onto our screens and if we’re honest, he came across as a bit of a lech. He’d stroll past women at bus stops and in the park, watch them in coffee shops and the hairdressers and just look like he was being a nuisance. But over the years, he became more debonair and gathered quite the following to make Foxy one of the best known bingo brands.

Why Out The Fox Foxy?

When we saw the new commercial for Foxy Bingo, we were really not impressed. Whilst we had gotten a little used to the idea that Heather Graham was in the suit, to have her be the only star in an advert for the brand was mind blowing! Foxy is the brand, what are the marketing team thinking?

In the new ad, Heather Graham is approached by two fans and requested to reenact a scene. She thinks from one of her films, but the fans mean the free fiver offer! Looking a little disappointed, she throws the shapes from the advert and we hear Foxy’s dulcet tones but there are no visuals at all.

We’re so disappointed with the new marketing campaign that, rather than link to the new clip, we’re going to show you some of the best bits from Foxy. Consider it a bit like a Big Brother or Love Island montage when a housemate or couple leave, our goodbye to a dear friend.

Foxy Bingo Adverts

Creepy Foxy

Foxy Family

Foxy’s Electrifying

Funky Foxy

Naked Foxy!

The powers that be behind the brand now seem to be getting it all wrong! Maybe we should start a bring back the fox campaign!

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