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Chit Chat Cash Climber At bgo Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Sep. 19th 2017 7:21 AM

There is a mountain of cash to be won in a special promotion at bgo Bingo this month and with just nine days left of September, if you want to get involved, you had better be quick. The Chit Chat Cash Climber started at just £5 on 1st September at 10am. If it is not won in 35 numbers or less by 3pm, then the Boss at bgo adds £10 and makes the number of calls required 36.

You can play the Chit Chat Cash Climber at bgo Bingo in the Golden Galaxy room. At 8pm, if the jackpot isn’t won, another number is added to the ball count in the Fairy Delight room making it 37 required to win and the pot will increase too by £15.

Starting Over At bgo Bingo

A number will be added to the ball count of this promotion every day, three times a day, until the pot is won.

When this happens, the following morning at 10am the jackpot resets to just £5 and 35 numbers or less are required to win.

You do have to claim the pot by typing Cash Climber into the chat room AND have at least six tickets in play in the winning game to be eligible to be a winner. You also have to have made a deposit within the last seven days prior to the Cash Climber claim in order to be eligible for the prize money.

The games will play in the venues as shown below

  • Fairy Delight from 10am until 11am
  • Golden Galaxy from 3pm until 4pm
  • Fairy Delight from 8pm until 9pm

The Big Competition

On Friday 29th September the Big Competition games play at 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm. If you have done all of the following in September, you will get tickets for all three games:

  1. Deposited £20
  2. Spent £10 real cash in the Fairy Delight room
  3. Spent £10 real cash on any mini games

Get involved today at!

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