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Paddy McGuinness In Jackpot Joy Advert

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Aug. 17th 2017 7:43 AM

When it comes to advertising for Jackpot Joy, we are used to seeing the lovely Barbara Windsor as the face of the brand. She dons her Queen of Bingo regalia and brings her infamous laugh to the screen with an array of blue balls in many different storylines but soon, we could see a change of face fronting their advertising.

That’s not to say that Barbara Windsor has abdicated from her role, we think it’s just a case of Jackpot Joy following the lead of other brands who have themed games and doing a more targetted campaign for their Take Me Out Bingo product. The face of the new commercials is reported to be Paddy McGuinness, the host of Take Me Out, hence our guess as what is happening.

A Bit Of A Do Filming The Jackpot Joy Advert

Things didn’t quite go to plan during the filming of the new commercial for Jackpot Joy apparently. According to the Daily Mail online, the advert was ‘shot’ just 30 yeards from the scene of a shooting!

Whilst the cameras were rolling, and an actress was screaming ‘whooo hoooo I’ve won!’, police were investigating the incident were two shots were fired through a window.

Take Me Out Bingo At Jackpot Joy

We are literally guessing that the new advert will be focused on the Take Me Out Bingo game that was launched at Jackpot Joy back in early 2014. This themed game has a bonus feature in addition to the traditional 90 ball game.

Take Me Out Bingo

Like the dating show that Paddy hosts on ITV, there are 30 girls all with their lights on when the game starts. However, as numbers are called, the corresponding light goes out for the girl and then, at the end of the game, if there are 18 or more lights still on, all players who have tickets in the game will share the community jackpot in the game at


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