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Monkey Bingo Are Getting Wet ‘n Wild

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Aug. 11th 2017 5:46 AM

Even though the weather is miserable right now, you still need to come up with ways to keep the family entertained during the Summer Holidays. The good news is that kids are resilient and they can put up with the rain if they are having a great time at a theme park. This does not have to break the bank either, especially if you are one of the winners of Monkey Bingo‘s Wet ‘n Wild promotion.

You don’t have long to wait if you want to get your hands on some Alton Towers vouchers as the game is taking place at 10pm on Tuesday 15th August. Monkey Bingo‘s winners will share £500 worth of vouchers between them, with the full house winner taking how a £250 voucher, the two-line winner a £150 voucher and the one-line winner a £100 voucher.

Alternative Prizes From Monkey Bingo

If the thought of endless queues followed by terrifying rides fills your heart with dread, don’t worry because Monkey Bingo are giving you a way out without you having to lose face! Instead of taking the Alton Towers vouchers, you can take their value in real cash if you prefer, and once the prize has been credited to your account, you can withdraw is and spend it on something a little more sedate instead!

Wet ‘n Wild Cards From Monkey Bingo

Even though the Wet ‘n Wild game is taking place in a few days’ time, you still have chance to earn yourself some cards. You have until midnight on Sunday and will earn 1 card for every £10 you deposit into your Monkey Bingo account and 1 card for every £10 spent on bingo cards. You can also use your Diamonds to buy cards too and each one will cost you 10 Diamonds in the Diamond Store. If all else fails, you can join in the fun by purchasing cards for £2 each from the lobby.

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