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Film Bingo Go Independent!

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Jul. 9th 2017 7:20 AM

From the title you could be forgiven for thinking that Film Bingo have chosen to make the move from network to standalone but sadly, this is not the case. When we say they have ‘gone independent’ we are referencing American Independence, the theme of their exclusive promotional offer for July. Today is Independence Day in the USA but the promotion is running all month long, so plenty of chance to get your name at the top of their leaderboard.

The prizes that are being given away at Film Bingo are a little American, at least the sweet hamper is. It is packed with an array of tasty snacks that are synonymous with the States. You’ll find Butterfinger, 100 Grand, Take 5, Reese’s Pieces and much more besides in the hamper.

As well as that, the site will provide you with a new release DVD so you can have a movie night.

Scoring With Film Bingo

It’s really easy to get in on the promotional action at the site, just deposit, play and have a good time and you’ll be earning points on the leaderboard. Finish at the top of it and the prizes are yours to take home, or the £50 cash alternative will be added to your account at the site.

This month scoring is achieved by collecting movie stubs. These are only virtual and can be collected by completing the following tasks:

  • Five movie stubs will be awarded for every win on the $ sign in the 75 ball rooms
  • 1o movie stubs for every full house win on the number 4 in both 75 and 90 ball rooms
  • 10 movie stubs for every £20 wagered on the Hollywood Reels slots
  • 10 movie stubs for every £20 deposited at the site between 1st and 31st July.

The leaderboard at will be updated every Monday.

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