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Spaced Out At City Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Sunday, May. 7th 2017 4:57 AM

City Bingo‘s cat is always off on his travels, but this week he has gone where no kitty has gone before – outer space! Our feline friend is a bit of a geek on the side so could not resist the chance to jet off for an astronomical time amongst the stars. Unfortunately, there were no spare seats on the rocket for his roomies, but he is making it up to them with a Spaced Out promotion.

This cosmic promotion from City Bingo is running until 10:30pm on Thursday 11th May, when it touches down with a 90-ball bingo game. Cards are available right now from the lobby for just £2 each, but if you are quick, you still have time to boost your chances of winning by picking up some freebies!

Earns Cards At City Bingo

City Bingo have loads of cards to give away, and to get your hands on them, you simply need to log in and play your favourite games. You have until 23:59 on Wednesday, and will earn 1 card for every £20 you deposit into your account and 2 cards for every £20 you wager on these themed slots games; Starburst, Star Raiders Scratch and Star Raiders Slot. You can also use your Diamonds to pay for cards, and each extra card will cost you ten of them in the Diamond Club.

City Bingo Vouchers

All the cards you purchase and win will be waiting for you on the night of the game and you can take part online or on your mobile phone. City Bingo have lined up £450 worth of Forbidden Planet eVouchers for the lucky winners that can be used to pay for all kinds of geeky gear including comics, collectibles and clothes to name but a few. The full house winner will receive a £200 voucher, the two-line winner a £150 voucher and the one-line winner a £100 voucher. Alternatively, you can take the value of the vouchers as real cash if you prefer.

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