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Film Bingo Want You To Slay The Dragon

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Mar. 30th 2017 7:33 AM

We’re just a couple of days away from the end of the month and as the Mum’s The Word promotion comes to an end at Film Bingo, we have details of their exclusive promotion for April. April is host to many events that could be celebrated and used as a theme; Easter, St. George’s Day, Sherlock Holmes’ birthday and many more. St. George’s Day is the theme for the new month and you’re being asked to slay the dragon by scoring points and topping the leaderboard!

If you managed to finish in pole position then you will have slayed their dragon at Film Bingo quintessentially English; fish and chips, a fry up, wet weather, a stiff upper lip and of course, a nice cup of tea. It is the latter that makes up the prize for the latest exclusive from Film Bingo.

A Very English Prize From Film Bingo

If you do finish in first place then you’ll have a choice to make. You can take the tangible prize on offer or you can opt to take a £50 cash alternative. The latter will be added to your account as withdrawable cash and not bonus funds so if you want to withdraw it, you are able to so long as you have made a previous deposit with Film Bingo.

The prize itself is a tea hamper and in it you will find an array of different teas and deliciously scrumptious biscuits but remember, you have to be a winner first!

Point Scoring With Film Bingo

To get yourself to the top of the leaderboard, you have to earn points and this month you can do so in the following ways:

  • For every full house win on the number 23 – 10 points
  • For a win on the Sword pattern – 5 points
  • For every £20 deposit – 10 points
  • For every £20 wagered on the Fluffy Too slot – 10 points

Start collecting the points today if you fancy the prize on offer.

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