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Iceland Bingo Back On The Small Screen

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Mar. 23rd 2017 7:13 AM

We’ve seen a number of bingo sites launch new advertising campaigns on TV recently and one of them is Iceland Bingo. It’s been a while since they have touted their wares on the small screen and we have to say, the new commercial is pretty dull in comparison to some that we have seen.

Iceland Bingo are currently giving away £10 Iceland food vouchers as part of the welcome package that they are offering players. Although the vouchers are mentioned in the advert, they are not the main focus and actually, it’s not even clear that they are part of the deal for new players. This may be because they want to maintain this advert for further use after the deal has ended.

New Iceland Bingo Advert

The commercial starts with the logo appearing on the screen and the voiceover telling you that joining could see you get more for your money. The text on the screen reads ‘Nearly £4 million as a combination of total wins across the site monthly’ as the same is said.

The remainder of the commercial waxes lyrical about just some of what the site has to offer as a selection of animated bingo balls, coins and vouchers. What’s disappointing is that there is nothing exciting or even remotely interesting and certainly no player connection.

The music is as dull as the animation and the whole thing is far from head turning and unlikely to grab the average viewers attention in our opinion.

If you have not yet seen the advert, just click the link below to view it:

What the advert does mention is the Hot Holidays promotion….

Hot Holidays From Iceland Bingo

Playing on Monday 17th April is a prize game and up for grabs in this game, and the after party hour, is a total of £15,000 in holiday vouchers.

This is certainly far more exciting than the advert from

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