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Play Stars For Free With Tombola

Posted by: BingoGal - Saturday, Mar. 11th 2017 7:47 AM

Historically, Tombola have always offered free games in a different way to many sites and often the potential rewards are far greater on theirs as well. Every so often they change the format of their daily freebie and on Monday 6th March, Stars became the most recent available to registered players with the brand.

The Tombola Stars game is available to all depositing players and offers up the chance to win a share of an impressive £30,000 each week. As well as being a depositing player, you also have to have registered your mobile number in order that you can receive the text every Monday morning. The text contains a four digit code and then you just have to visit the site, enter the code and take your daily turn on finding the stars.

Stars At Tombola

We popped along to check out the new daily free game at Tombola on the day of launch and a few of us in the office had a go. One of the things we noticed was that we all had the same six numbers to find the stars for. These were 1, 2, 3, 13, 24 and 39. Whilst we had the same numbers, not all had stars in the game.

Playing the game is easy. You are shown a screen that looks a lot like a the Canadian Rockies with mountains in the backgroup, lush fields, green trees, bears and more. Dotted around the scenery are a number of stars, all with numbers above them. You are given six numbers and you just have to see if any of them have stars on your screen, an example is shown below:

Tombola - Stars

The most our team managed on day one was four stars. The rest of the week saw the following numbers called:

Tuesday: 6, 15, 25, 35, 38 and 47
Wednesday: 7, 27, 29, 31, 33 and 49
Thursday: 8, 9, 20, 23, 41 and 46
Friday: 10, 11, 19, 32, 36 and 40
Saturday: 5, 12, 22, 37, 43 and 50

Will tomorrow reveal us to be one of the big winners at

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