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The New Look Fabulous Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Tuesday, Jan. 17th 2017 9:34 AM

Fabulous Bingo bill themselves as ‘The Fashion Capital of Bingo’. As well know, trends can change as quickly as the weather, so it’s important for them as a brand to make sure they are looking their best for their fashion-conscious roomies. They have welcomed in the New Year with the first part of their two-stage redesign, and it comes complete with new offers, and even a brand new logo.

Stage two of their redesign is due to be implemented over the new few weeks and they have promised us that it’s something special. The whole site is due to be upgraded and given a fresh new look with an exciting new template. If you have not yet registered for an account at Fabulous Bingo, you should make your way over there and sign up now as they will welcome you with £5 for free.

Fabulous Bingo on TV

To celebrate these changes, Fabulous Bingo are returning to our television screens since the first time since 2015. This tongue in cheek new advert see’s their female players in a number of everyday situations such as standing in the queue at the supermarket, sitting on the sofa next to a snoring husband and ordering a kebab down the local take-away.

As they are doing this, they are playing bingo on their mobile phones using the Fabulous Bingo app, and trying to look stylish at the same time, only letting down their guard when they win a jackpot! This advert is accompanied with information about their £5 free which is also available to existing players, so make sure you log in now and claim yours!

Check out the new look

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Beverly Beedie Says:

Your advert is cringeworthy I switch off . You have made lady bingo players look like Chavs
You need to change your Ad campaigners. Even my 9 year old grandchild thinks its embarrassing

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