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bgo Player Lands A Mega Fortune!

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Jan. 8th 2017 7:52 AM

As bingo players we’ve all spun the reels of a slot or two in our time and at bgo Bingo, there are quite a number to choose from thanks to their Casino, Vegas and Games wallets. It’s under the Games tab at bgo that you will find the Mega Fortune game and it was on this that some beat the boss taking home a massive £6.2 million progressive jackpot.

The Mega Fortune game is from NetEnt, a popular gaming developer, and has a progressive jackpot that is seeded at €250,000. It is just one of many of the NetEnt games that are available to play at bgo. To date there have been 35 big money winners and the latest is a chap from Cheshire.

Cheshire Cat Grins For bgo Player

As you might expect, the lucky player from Cheshire is grinning like the infamous Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

The spin that landed him the jackpot worth £6,235,352 cost just £1.25 but it is worth noting that he had been spinning for a little while before the jackpot feature was triggered.

When activated on the Mega Fortune game, the following wheel appears and as you can see, on each spin you need to land on an arrow to move through the wheels. If you make it to the centre, the jackpot is yours. This is exactly what happened for Chris W., a father of two.

Mega Fortune - Jackpot Wheel

Big Winners On Mega Fortune

Chris isn’t the only player to get lucky and become an overnight millionaire. The biggest wins to date on this game have been as follows

  • Paf Casino – 20th January 2013 – €17,860,868 (approx. £15,206,960 )
  • Betsson Casino – 23rd September 2011 – €11,735,446 (approx. £9,991,345)
  • Unknown – 28th November 2015 – €8,577,104 (approx. £7,302,390)
  • bgo – 15th December 2016 – €7,437,182 (£6,235,352)
  • Paf Casino – 18th January 2012 – €6,864,812 (approx. £5,844,576)

Conversions at on 2nd January 2017.

Fancy winning a Mega Fortune yourself? Then head on over to today and see if you can get as lucky as Chris W.

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