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It’s All About The Sevens For Sky Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Tuesday, Nov. 1st 2016 7:32 AM

Sky Bingo are back advertising their wares on the small screen with a brand new commercial but it doesn’t follow the usual path of your average advert for online bingo. Throughout the 30 second commercial, at least the one we have seen on YouTube, there is no mention of the welcome offer that the brand has for new players.

This is practically unheard of, all brands use media marketing as a way to get the impressive ‘Deposit X amount, get XX amount to play with’ message. Not Sky Bingo, not from what we have seen at least.

For Sky Bingo, it’s all about the number seven, a traditionally lucky number for many people.

The Number Seven And Sky Bingo

Seven has been considered the magic number for centuries and is sometimes referred to as the world’s favourite number. This could be attributed to factors like there are seven notes on a musical scale, seven colours in a rainbow, seven days in a week and of course, seven continents and seven seas.

When the commercial begins with see the number seven on the hat of a diver, then created by a man doing a handstand, on the back of a baseball jacket and then on an alarm clock.

Throughout the advert the voiceover tells of how the number 7 is the one needed for bingo, referring to it as ‘number 7, all you need for full house heaven and how you are at the doors of bingo’s promised land.

Rather than us explain the whole commercial, just click the link below to view it:

The Sky Bingo Advert Music

The music for the new advert from is from Rudimental, a song called Feel The Love that features John Newman.

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