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Rewards From Bingo Clubhouse

Posted by: BingoGal - Sunday, Aug. 14th 2016 7:14 AM

If you’re a stalwart online bingo fan then you’ll know that Bingo Clubhouse is part of the 15 Network. Additionally, you will know that for the most part, sites on this network tend to offer the same promotions month in month out with the exception of just a handful who try to offer their players a little more.

Bingo Clubhouse is one such brand and an impressive unique offer from them is their Bingo Rewards. This is a special reward scheme exclusively available to them and not available at any other site on the 15 Network. You automatically become a member when you register and make your first deposit with the site and will receive a membership card and 25 Club coins to get you started.

Club Coins From Bingo Clubhouse

You will earn club coins immediately and they are awarded as follows:

  • 25 with your first deposit
  • Between 10 and 100 in various member draws
  • Variable amounts in regular competitions and promotions
  • 1 for every £10 you spend on bingo
  • 1 for every £50 you spend on slots, casino and instant games

Your balance can be seen when you are logged into your account and can be found under the Bingo Rewards tab from the My Account section of the site.

Redeeming Your Club Coins At Bingo Clubhouse

You can redeem your coins for many different items, including bonus vouchers, wheel spins, bonus cash, amazon vouchers, iTunes vouchers and even a TV – although the latter does require that you have 7,000 Club Coins.

In this area, you can also enter the monthly, weekly and daily prize draws to win points and cash prizes. Just enter your membership number for the draw and you could be a winner.

It’s something a little extra from and certainly makes them stand out a little from the 15 Network crowd.

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