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ASA Slaps The Arse Of Lucky Pants Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Jul. 7th 2016 7:19 AM

It was only last week that Butlers Bingo came under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to missing Terms and Conditions on an offer. This week it is the turn of Lucky Pants Bingo for a similar oversight, but this time the offending offer was sent by text.

There was just one complaint about the text and as it turns out, the complainant actually had multiple accounts with Lucky Pants Bingo so wasn’t entitled to the offer received anyway. However, it is not the job of the ASA to look at whether a player holds multiple accounts with a site, but to investigate the advert itself. In this case, the site had omitted Terms and Conditions resulting in the complaint being upheld.

The text was sent to a player on 26th February  2016 and the confusion on accounts and why this player received the text appears to be around a mobile number on two accounts. Account one was a depositing player and as such, was not eligible for the bonus offered in the text, account two (who received the text) was a non-depositing player.

The Offending Text From Lucky Pants Bingo

The text that resulted in the complaint to the ASA read as follows:

Get Lucky with 100 FREE spins + 350% bonus on your deposit at Lucky Pants Bingo. Click here to login [short web address] and use promo code LUCKY today!

The complainant, who was not actually entitled to the offer because they had already deposited on the account with which they used the code, only received a 200% bonus and no free spins and consequently contacted the ASA challenging whether the ad was misleading.

This resulted in the ASA investigating the complaint under three CAP Codes; 8.17, 8.17.1 and 8.18 and despite the issues around the multiple accounts, Lucky Pants Bingo were found to have breached all three.

The reason for this was that the Terms and Conditions of the offer were not available in the text and whilst have made changes to ensure this is no longer the case, that the T&C’s are now available, in this instance it was too little, too late and a ban on the advert in that format was put in place.

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