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Joyful Jackpots At Costa Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Apr. 1st 2016 7:45 AM

Costa Bingo is one of those sites that always go the extra mile for their roomies, and Sunny works long and hard to make sure they reap the rewards of being a Costa player. Take this month for instance, whilst all of the other brands involved in the massive £200k Jackpot are content with just one big game, Sunny has had a dig down the back of the sofa and found an addition £20,000 worth of bonus funds, and he is giving it all away through a series of daily games.

Costa Bingo‘s massive £200k Jackpot game is taking place at 8pm on Saturday 30th April. This does not mean you have to miss your usual night out on the town after a long week at work though, as you can pre-purchase your cards for £1 each from the lobby and they will automatically be played for you on the night.

The prizes you can win are a guaranteed £50,000 for the full house, £30,000 for two lines and £20,000 for one line.

The smart ones amongst you will have worked out that those three prizes only total £100,000 and you would be right. This is because the other half of the prize pot is going to be split between everyone else that is taking part in the game, will shares being based on the number of cards played.

Daily Games At Costa Bingo

You don’t have to wait that long to win a prize though, because between now and then, Costa Bingo are hosting four special 90 ball bingo games each day. The good news is that these games are totally free to enter, as long as you have purchased one card for the £200k jackpot game.

Up until Monday 25th April, each one of these games will come complete with £125 worth of bonus money. The games between the 26th and 29th April all have a £250 bonus money jackpot, and the final game on the 30th April sees this increased once again to £500 worth of bonus funds from

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