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£50K Sliding Jackpot At Foxy Bingo

Posted by: BingoLee - Friday, Nov. 20th 2015 10:46 AM

Have you noticed how cold it is getting lately? The t-shirts and shorts are definitely packed away for another year, and according to the weather forecasts it won’t be too long now before the snow starts falling! It won’t just be us that will be slipping in the ice when it does arrive either, as Foxy Bingo has lined up a fantastic big money game with a jackpot that keeps on sliding as more balls are called!

The suave ginger fox has lined up this special sliding jackpot game for 9:30 pm on Saturday 28th November at Foxy Bingo. Don’t fret though, this does not mean you have to miss out on your usual night on the town because you can pre-purchase your cards before you go out!

All you need to do is log into your Foxy Bingo account, head to the lobby and click on the ‘Slider’ tab where you can buy up to 96 cards for just 99p each, and they will automatically be played for you.

Big Money Prizes from Foxy Bingo

The jackpot starts off at a whopping £50,000 but as the game progress and more numbers are called it will begin to fall. After the 43rd ball, it will drop in increments of £5,000, and then after the 49th ball has been called, this will change to increments of £1,000, so the earlier you call the more money you will win! Don’t worry though because even if the game goes right to the end and more than 58 balls are called, one lucky player is still guaranteed to walk away with a minimum of £10,000 from, an amount that is sure to come in handy with the festive season just around the corner!

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