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£200 Exclusive Game At Rocket Bingo

Posted by: BingoGal - Saturday, Jul. 25th 2015 7:33 AM

It was just last month that Rocket Bingo celebrated their first birthday and to celebrate there were a number of exclusive offers available. One of those were free bingo games (which are still available incidentally) and then they ran a jackpot game just for their players. However, some technical issues beyond their control meant the actual meant that the jackpot game for £100 didn’t play. By way of an apology, there is a new game happening tonight and the jackpot is double the original amount!

Tickets for the special game can be purchased right up until just before the game. The game plays at 8pm this evening and the cards cost just 25p each. For this you have three chances to take a share of the jackpot to the Rocket Bingo bank.

If you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound like a great jackpot in comparison with others available online, we’re not going to disagree. It isn’t quite as impressive when compared with some of the bigger ones available BUT when you look at the bigger picture, your chances of being a winner are far better with fewer players at a boutique site like Rocket Bingo.

The £200 jackpot will be won by Rocket Bingo players, not another player from a different site on the same network so Rocket players will win

  • One line for £40
  • Two lines for £60
  • Full house for £200

Player Numbers At Rocket Bingo

We popped along to Rocket Bingo on Thursday evening as we prepared this article to check out exactly how many players had purchased tickets. As of 22:15 on 23rd July just 6 players has tickets, that’s a 6:1 chance of being a winner at

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