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Corrie Star Moonlights As Bingo Caller

Posted by: BingoKath - Wednesday, Jul. 15th 2015 7:09 AM

Antony Cotton who plays Sean Tully in ITV’s Coronation Street has revealed that he works as a bingo caller when he’s not playing his role in the show. Bingo callers have always been known as a flamboyant lot so maybe it should come as no surprise that it would appeal to the actor type, and that’s exactly how Antony Cotton explains it!

As he says, it supports his income, but mainly an audience is an audience and he says he loves what he does whether it’s in front of the cameras, in a theatre or in a bingo hall.

Antony has played Sean Tully in the ITV soap since 2003 and while he loves his role in the show, he also loves his bingo calling too. The character played a bingo caller for several years and this is another case of art imitating life, imitating art.

While he isn’t a regular at any particular hall, you may well see him about the Manchester area, an area that is popular as a bingo playing area and where many bingo halls are thriving!

In difficult times with the smoking ban and the popularity of online bingo, halls need all the help they can get and a celebrity caller like Antony Cotton is only going to help bring the players through the door!

In the bingo heyday being a bingo caller was an esteemed job in the same way as Red Coats at Butlins are respected and Mr Cotton is certainly putting some life back into the game when he calls the balls!

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