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Live Bingo Network Makes A Change

Posted by: BingoGal - Thursday, Mar. 12th 2015 7:10 AM

A recent visit to one of the many new sites that have launched on the Live Bingo Network revealed that this network have made some changes to their bonus structure, changes that they didn’t actively inform affiliates like ourselves of and amendments that have clearly been mismanaged from the outset! In this article we look at how the changes will affect you as a player and what the benefits are to the Live Bingo Network as a whole.

As a new player to any of the sites on the Live Bingo Network you will be eligible to take advantage of one of the changes immediately. There has been an increase in the first (and second) cash match deposit value at all sites on the network (excluding any owned by 8 Ball Games).

First Deposit Bonus Increases At Live Bingo Network

Previously new players only received a 350% cash match bonus on sites like Raw Bingo when they made a first deposit. This has been increased to 500%*. The second deposit bonus used to be 250%, it is now 300% and for us, that’s about where the benefits end for the player with exception of the removal of the need to validate your account through a welcome email….

*Please note: One of the areas in which the change has been mismanaged is in the provision of correct banners to affiliates. As such you will note that the Raw Bingo banner still shows the old offer!

Sign Up Process At Live Bingo Network Sites

Previously you were required to validate your account through a link in a welcome email and often we found that if you had an account at one LBN site, you couldn’t register to another with the same email. This is no longer the case.

Account validation is now done through the inclusion of financial details. You cannot be awarded a no deposit required bonus unless you include your credit/debit card details at the site you are registering with AND you have to include your mobile number.

In Summary

The changes mean that new players get an increased amount of bonus money on first and second deposits BUT the issues that have always been there on sites using Cozy Games software remain:

  • You can only withdraw once in any five day period.
  • Wagering is confusing with one set of rules for deposit related bonuses and another for chat game wins and daily login bonuses etc.
  • Withdrawals are capped to just £300 a week.
    Chat hosts are really irritating and suffer from a severe case of smiley Tourette’s.

There are now over 50 sites all on LBN with more launching soon. My question is is who actually thinks that these sites are worth playing at because clearly some people do!

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